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Sunday Salon – I’m home!

I’m back from my exile to the middle of nowhere!

I played a full (40 overs) game of cricket for the first time in 4 years last Sunday and my aching muscles were telling me ALL about it all week. Still, I did pretty reasonably for someone so rusty, am quite pleased with myself, and have resolved to go back next year (it’s the end of the season now). It was good to be seeing The German in the context in which I originally knew her, too.

As I failed to post last Friday, I’ve escaped from the Portacabin in Bedfordshire a few days early because we ended up signing the accounts a few days early – which was an enormous headache at the time but now is rather pleasant as it has purchased me a reasonable amount of time when I am not hugely stressed.

I realised, drafting this in email form this morning earlier this week, that it’s been at least 6 weeks since I got on the Tube to go anywhere (I think my little car Bunbury and I have done 2500-ish miles in the last few months! which is a lot for us) which explains my lack of reading time! I’m still carrying around The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes which I read back in June, hoping that if I keep carrying it around, I might review it at some point! I still have quite a few books to review from my holiday back in July, too.


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