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BTT – Seasonal

This week’s BTT is:

Quick–what are you reading right now? (Other than this question on
this website, of course.) Would you recommend it? What’s it about?

I’m reading Pirates in an Adventure with Communists. Yes, that’s a book title. The Pirates series comes so heavily and heartily recommended by Ellie that when I saw it at the library, I thought I’d give it a try. It’s ok – I had thought that it was written for adults in a child-like style, but I’m coming to conclusion that it’s really written for children. It’s fun though, and if I had a local 9-year-old, I’d recommend it to them. It’s about a group of pirates and their adventures – but they’re not very dastardly.

And another BTT that I found lurking in my drafts folder:

Do you have a favorite season of the year that you read more? (Example: during snow storms, rainy weather, or sunny and warm weather)

My reading goes up and down with my workload and my commuting. If I’m cycling, I can’t read on the commute. If I’m working crazy hours, I’m not cycling, so I am getting the Tube, so I do have time to read. If I’m not working weekends, I’m spending that weekend on the sofa with a good book! And because my work mostly goes in an annual cycle, those busy periods correspond with seasons. I also read loads more on holiday than when working. But I don’t think there’s any more seasonality to it than that! On the other hand, my favourite season is summer (admittedly, I prefer summer when I’ve got time off!) and I love Advent too – Europe does Advent so well.


4 thoughts on “BTT – Seasonal”

  1. I love the Pirates stories too – They’re very silly and full of cultural references that will go over kids’ heads though – so can’t be truly children’s books. In the first book, the author says he wrote it to impress his girlfiriend.

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