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Bloggiesta fiesta!

It’s that time of year when book bloggers go on a cleaning spree, and so we have a big social event called Bloggiesta, with our mascot Pedro (Plan, edit, develop, review, organise), and all hunker down and scrub away at our pet projects blogs.

If you don’t have a blog and/or aren’t participating in Bloggiesta, excuse the Bloggiesta-themed nonsense floating through here in the next few days.

My truly epic potential to-do list

I really want to do these:

Short tasks:

Sort out Rules of Civility giveaway

Get LibraryThing up-to-date for recently received books

Update books read on Goodreads

Update Goodreads challenge counter

Update books read on spreadsheet

Update “currently reading” picture on blog

Collect next few “currently reading” pictures

Back up blog

Medium tasks:

Synch LT, GR and blog with reviews of books read

Update challenges page

Clean out Twitter followers/followings

Long tasks:

Get caught up on reviews:

–    Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists

–    The Shadow Queen

–    When It Happens To You

–    Love Anthony

–    Before I Knew You

–    I Capture the Castle

–    The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes

–    The Last Apache Girl

–    The World Without You

–    Little Night

–    House of Serenades

Do Sept month-end review

Write at least 5 “book articles” posts

Update posts for this year with tags and other reviews

Consider making “Lesen mit Tee” as German exercise/”Lire avec thé” for French exercise

Update “Books read this year” page

Clean out GoogleReader – both accumulated posts and subscriptions

Suggestions from the Bloggiesta organisers:

Suey at It’s All About Books has suggested

–    20 (plus) discussion point posts

–    Step out of blogging comfort zone

–    Use a website grader

–    Get personal

–    Guest posts

–    Learn about copyright (photos and text)

–    Guidelines and Policies

And a There’s A Book, there are more suggestions

–    10 things bloggers shouldn’t do

–    Help a blogger out

–    Five tips to write reviews faster

–    Blog events and challenges

Chance I’m going to get through all of that? zero. Chance I’ll get through 5 or 6 of them? Pretty high.


14 thoughts on “Bloggiesta fiesta!”

  1. That’s an awesome list and I’m rooting for you!

    I need to get on LibraryThing. I’ve heard about it a lot but I’ve not looked into it. Maybe I’ll get it done this weekend. (Crosses fingers)

    1. I love love LOVE LibraryThing. It sits neatly at the intersection of all the good things in my life – books, organisation, lists, reviewing, friends, community, chat, obsessive tracking of books I’ve read… Hope to see you over there!

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