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Sunday Salon – Holiday time

Ah, bliss. The prospect of three weeks off from work. Monday I’m going to go in to work to clear off a few things that were loitering on my plate because I disappear with a clear conscience. Thursday I shall board the Eurostar to Paris and thence to Avignon, where I shall meet up with The Book Accumulator and benefit from his French skills while consuming insane quantities of crepes. Poor Physicist (by then a Physicist no longer – he’ll be submitting his thesis tomorrow!) will have a week of job applications all on his lonesome while I swan about the Riviera with my family!

Bloggiesta has gone quite well for me this weekend – I’ve got 4 reviews written and I’ve done a few little tasks like clearing out my Twitter followings so that my timeline doesn’t get totally overloaded. I’ve still got a fair to-do list but that will keep me busy during my holiday.

The Musician noted that I did not list “killing sopranos” in my list of hobbies; thanks to a childhood growing up in opera houses around the world (I jest not, an evil babysitter locked me in a dressing room of the Bastille Opera when I was six), I’m fairly familiar with a large portion of Italian opera. When I’m stressed, I listen to Italian operas in which people die dramatically. On repeat. Loudly (although usually through earphones). Violetta, Mimi, Cio-Cio San, Tosca, and Nedda have been known to bite the dust once every two hours for the course of a long and stressful day.

So I could have listed that as a hobby, but I prefer to list it as a stress-management technique!

Anyone else out there a fan of Italian opera?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Holiday time”

  1. Yay, crepes! Which fillings are you looking forward to the most? My favourite is the simple citron sucr 🙂 And savoury gallettes, yum… Hope you enjoy Paris (and bring an umbrella or two, autumn’s going to hit the continent in the next few days) and the Riviera (envy!).

    Any news/feedback on the Physicist’s thesis?

    I’m going to give the music you recommended me a try. No promises on becoming a fellow opera lover yet 😉

    1. You can’t go past Nutella in my book – but citron sucre is a worthy second. And gallettes are also excellent.
      P’s supervisor went away for a week and won’t let him submit it until he’s read it again. Gah. Poor P is downstairs venting his frustration by conquering the world in a computer game. I feel sorry for the pixelated Persians c. 600AD.
      Oh – if you’ve never experienced much opera, you HAVE to go see live performances, otherwise the music makes less sense. Go next time you can!

      1. Supervisors can be terrible… did he go off to a congress or something? So P. is now building a new Civilisation by raw violence 🙂
        Nutella… yeah, that’s pretty good. Especially with banana. I’ve had it a few times instead of a regular meal. Amazing how it fills the stomach for hours!
        Hmm, I wonder whether there are any decent opera performances in Rotterdam…

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