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Musing Mondays – Distracted

This week’s Musing Mondays asks

What distracts you when you really should be reading?

I’m going to claim work as a primary distraction – when I’m super busy, I tend to work on the commute and during my lunch break, rather than reading.

Second distraction is definitely The Internet – Twitter, Google Reader, my own blog, Facebook – I can while away entire days on the Internet when I could be reading.

Now that we have Sky TV, the Physicist and I have started watching a bit more TV than we used to, not least because we have SkyPlus so we can record shows and watch them later – which means that now when I’m in the house by myself, I’ll watch TV over a meal rather than reading. Our favourite new series are New TricksThe NewsroomFranklin & Bash and of course all the old favourites – How I Met Your MotherThe Big Bang Theory etc.

House admin/work seems to get in the way quite a lot too – there’s always another bill to deal with/letter addressed to the landlady to redirect/grocery order to put through!


8 thoughts on “Musing Mondays – Distracted”

  1. Hah! Work is indeed a major distraction 😉 What is reading on your commute like? Lately, I’ve been feeling annoyed by the loud students sharing my train :/ I haven’t heard of your new favourite shows, need to check those out 🙂 We’re so happy here that TV series season has started again!

    1. Reading on the commute is pretty good; I get on the train very early so I get a seat – in which case my fellow passengers are equally dazed City workers; or a bit later in which case it’s crowded, but I make sure I have my earphones and a book (and a dying soprano to listen to!). I recommend some in-ear earphones for improving your commute!

      1. Definitely. I recommend Act 1 and Act 2 Scene 1 of La Traviata, or Act 3 of Tosca. If you have more time, the whole of Simon Boccanegra (I’ll admit, no sopranos die in that one).

  2. In the main probably TV, but when I am watching TV I can be sewing so I don’t see it wasted, just means I’m not reading.

    Housework is another thing, would rather read than dust!

  3. Checking e-mail distracts me….I HAVE to keep checking it. 🙂

    Hope you can stop by my blog to read my post about the book conference I attended in New York City this past Saturday.

    A giveaway is also directly below my Mailbox Monday post where the conference information is.


    Silver’s Reviews

  4. Oh yes, the internet. The very thing that lets us discuss what we read, whilst stopping us reading! I’ve taken to turning my computer off when I decide to read. TV shows are a new distraction too, I ended up limiting it to a short chunk of time at the very end of the day.

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