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Sunday Salon – Visitors

It’s been all go at Chateau RWT the last few days; the Musician and Mini-Me came to visit for a girls’ weekend in London and today we had a few friends around for a Sunday lunch with board games.

Penguin’s Book Chase board game is pretty good – it certainly worked well for our group. We struggled a little in that some of the questions were blindingly obvious (e.g. which Shakespeare play features the Montagues and Capulets?), some were incredibly obscure (e.g. Who marries the Owl and the Pussycat?). Generally we struck on the rule that if you’d read it, you’d get it, if you hadn’t, you had about a 40% chance of getting it right (you’re given 3 choices and can often but not always eliminate one).

The Musician, Mini-Me and I went to The Mystery of Charles Dickenson at the Playhouse Theatre, which is a dramatised lecture of sorts by Simon Callow – a potted biography of Dickens with interjected quotes. As a Dickens-hater, I was very pleasantly surprised, and the dramatisation really helped. I was inspired to get two audiobooks on our trip to Foyles (easily central London’s top bookshop) – Martin Chuzzlewit and The Return of the Native – which I know isn’t Dickens but it is read by Alan Rickman.

This week’s reading came to a halt when I got back to the UK – see my post on reading every book I took on holiday for a round-up of the week’s reading.

I still have another week off work; the garden needs a morning of attention, and I’m determined to catch up on my blogging challenges and to nail a few more projects from Bloggiesta. So I foresee a quiet week ahead.


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