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Sunday Salon – Back to work

Back to work tomorrow! I’ll be pleased to get back to a certain routine and the feeling of being needed to make things work, but I won’t pretend I’m happy about getting up in the dark tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to the clocks going back because it will give me more morning light.

It’s been a quiet week; catching up with a few friends over Vietnamese and crepes and Indian (not all on the same night!).

I’ve read a lot this week – a string of DNFs which are all being reviewed together because there was too much negativity for them to get individual attention, and then in the last 24 hours I’ve read 3 brilliant books: The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier, Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert (the first of the China Bayles series – I’ve got a new mystery series!) and Sarah Jio’s Blackberry Winter. Reviews of all coming shortly.

I am, as The Physicist says, the worst person in the world at taking holiday, and having done a bit of work work this week, I’m now throwing myself into a diet/fitness episode; I’m tired of being stuck at the larger end of my jeans spectrum. Having made it to week 7 of Couch to 5k (which was brilliant and I couldn’t have got anywhere near without it), I’m looking to mix things up and get into good habits before Halloween/my birthday/Advent/Christmas/New Year happen to my appetite.

I’m now into podcasts and audiobooks for entertainment, following Jamie‘s inspiration. Imagine my dismay when I started listening to Camilla Lackberg’s The Stone Cutter, only to realise that like everything else in my iTunes, every track was duplicated! Trust me, when the body is being discovered for the second time in 4 minutes, it’s not as exciting.

I’ve also discovered a site called GymPact, where you make a commitment to x workouts a week; if you hit your target, you get a small cash reward; if you miss it, you have a slightly bigger cash penalty! (one pays for the other). I hate wasting money, so I’m hoping this is going to be the kick I need! If I can get up to 4 workouts a week (including a cycle to or from work), the cash rewards would pay for an Audible membership every month – seems like a good plan, yes?

Hope your Sundays are as fun-filled/relaxing/energetic as you wish!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Back to work”

  1. Gosh, that GymPact thing is a clever idea! Not quite sure it’d work for me and the way that I record my work outs (log your run, because it has 2 years of data for me, and Strava for the bike rides because it gives better stats).
    Anyway, I recommend Waitrose Fro Yo (they even do a chocolate version and the whole tub is less than 500 calories!) for healthy eating….

    1. Yes it does depend on you being physically at a gym when you do your exercise – although that would work for you for the pool? or using the runkeeper app. Do you have your phone in the pool with you?? #playingwithfire… or rather water!

  2. Good luck with the new eating plan. I recommend muller light Greek yoghurt thick and creamy in lovely flavours.

    I’m with you trying to lose the few pounds up I put on following the death of my nan, before my birthday and Christmas.

    Moral support!

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