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Sunday Salon – Exhausted

Greetings, yo. I’ve just weeded a flower bed, dug weeds out of the lawn, tilled another empty flower bed and planted herbs. It only took a few hours but I am now COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED.

The only thing that’s going to get me to the gym this afternoon is the fact that I haven’t yet completed my 3 workouts for my Gym-Pact this week so I’d better get down there or they’ll have my money.

I also stayed up far too late watching BBC period costume drama last night – 3.5 episodes last night and another 1.5 episodes this morning. It’s delicious. I can’t tell you what series though because it’s definitely going on the Christmas present list for a few people…

Reading – this week, pretty non-existent. First week back at work, The Physicist is away; all I can do in the evening is cook and slump. Next week I have a social engagement every night before I hop on a plane to Pisa for a weekend in the sun with The Musician, so the chances of any reading at all getting done are slim!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Exhausted”

  1. Your busy life is making me exhausted without having done much all week! (I’ve been on half term, and done little more than a little light shopping, a little playing with my niece and nephew, and a little movie-going).

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