Advent with Atwood

Advent with Atwood

So, remember Advent with Austen? Well, it’s coming around to Advent again…

Along with my lovely co-hosts Ana, Iris and Alex, I intend to read a lot of Atwood in December. I own tons of it and have never read any of it.

The Blind Assassin read-along: the version I have has 15 parts. So…

– Parts 1-4: Monday 3 Dec

– Parts 5-8: Monday 10 Dec

– Parts 9-12: Monday 17 Dec

– Parts 13-15: Monday 24 Dec.

Other books I hope to read during AWA2: The Handmaid’s Tale, The Penelopiad, Oryx & Crake, Lady Oracle, Cat’s Eye, The Edible Woman, Life Before Man, Alias Grace. Yes, I own them all. And I’ll have to start reading in November to get reviews of all of them into December!

Because Advent is almost as short as it can be this year, with Christmas falling on a Tuesday, Advent only runs from 2-24 Dec. As a result, we’ve decided that AWA2 will run for all of Dec 2012, but we’re going to stick with the delicious alliteration and metre.

Want to play? Come back in December!


22 thoughts on “Advent with Atwood”

  1. I’ve read Cat’s eye and I liked it very much. It’s a little grey, distrubing, and they may character is a lonely person you would like to huge.
    I read it because we were talking about bullying at university, and I was very interested in the subject. A great reading, you’ll see.
    If I find the book, I would very pleased to join in the Advent!

  2. Here I am again.
    I got the book (the blind assassin), and I would like to join in the event. Could you, please, explain what I have to do? I mean, how this think is going on; it’s my first time.

    1. Hi Isi! Glad to have someone so excited about it! Every Monday I will post my thoughts on the four chapters, and then I hope that other people will join in the conversation in the comments. So get reading and come back on 03 December!

  3. OK, and do we have to post the review in a specific date after 24th of December or something like that?
    And in the every-monday comments, are spoilers allowed? I mean, in the lastest parts it would be almost impossible to comment without spoilers…
    Thanks for asking!!

    And sorry for my English: I’m Spanish and I’m trying to read an write more 🙂

    1. Your English is very good! We will try to keep the discussions to just what’s in chapters 1-4 on Monday 3rd, 5-8 on Monday 10th etc so that people who are reading the book slowly over four weeks don’t have spoilers of what is to come. It’s fine to have spoilers from within the text for the week though – so if something exciting happens in Chapter 3, we will probably discuss it extensively on Monday 3rd, no need to hide it.

      If you have your own blog you are free to post a review whenever you like; if you link to it in the comments on a Monday, please say that it is about the whole book so it might have spoilers of later sections.

      Does that all make sense? If not, feel free to email me!

  4. Ok, I’ve understood 😉
    Thanks for answering all my questions!!
    I’m going to write a post including the information of the event, in case anybody reads it and wants to join. And after 24th december, the review. I’ll probably read 4 chapters per week, to keep up with the comments, in order not to forget anything!! And also because I read really slowly in English!!

  5. Yay, I am very much looking forward to this! And I think we might have a nice group of people joining in. Can’t wait for it to be the start of Advent 😉

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