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Sunday Salon – Quiet

(posted very late. Step back in time with me, folks…)

A quiet Sunday here in Chateau RWT; The Physicist is sitting on one sofa with his laptop doing job applications, I’m sitting on the other with my laptop ostensibly working but really wandering about the net, and SkyPlus has come into its true purpose of allowing us to watch the Australia v South Africa cricket from Brisbane live (i.e. not highlights), but without having to stay up all night, and able to fast-forward through adverts. This is what a Sunday is all about. Oh and lots of turns of Letterpress on the iDevices. If you play it, my Game Centre username is Readingwithtea. Start a game.

Yesterday was equally quiet, sorting out a few things around the house then off to the pub and dinner and the Glyndebourne touring opera production at the New Wimbledon Theatre – The Marriage of Figaro. It has a high Lloyd-Webber quotient (recognisable tunes per hour), and the singing was mostly very good, but the production was a bizarre 70s one, which ended Act 3 with the macarena. Yes, Mozart’s music was accompanied by the macarena. We were dying of laughter.

Reading this week has been pretty limited – I’ve got through Until Thy Wrath Be Past, having considered dropping it a few times along the way. Hoping for a bit more this week, although I’m also hoping to get the bike up and running again properly as I won’t be in the office so much so the commute will actually be shorter.

I leave you with a classy bit of batting by one of my cricketing heroes – Adam Gilchrist hitting the second fastest Test century.


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