Advent with Atwood

The Blind Assassin Read-along; Parts 1-4

Roll up, roll up, the readalong is here!

As I still need to do my reading on the train into work this morning, consider this an available parking space for your thoughts, and I’ll be back with commentary later in the day.

UPDATE: lunch, 75 pages in.

I like this book. Or rather, there are 5 streams to this book and I like three of them.

The newspaper clippings telling of the untimely demise of multiple family members: intriguing, moves plot along smartly, adds sense of location and community and times – like.

Iris’ story as an old lady: reminds me of Moon Tiger, one of my favourite books. Also has strains of The Help. Gentle, smooth, comfort reading.

Iris’ memories of childhood: the best part so far. Very Dead End Gene Pool with overtones of Blackberry Winter, but more positive. Interesting with being slow. Like.

The Blind Assassin, main narrative: well… I’m not bothered. I don’t understand the relationship yet, I don’t know who the people are yet, and I’m not really all that interested in getting to know them any more.

The Blind Assassin, the science fiction universe: better than I thought to start with, still bizarre, incongruous and not my cup of tea.

More when I’ve read more on the way home.

UPDATE: I’ve read up to the end of Part 4 now. I stand exactly by what I wrote above. (Should that be: I stand exactly by that which above this I have written?)


8 thoughts on “The Blind Assassin Read-along; Parts 1-4”

  1. I’m excited for this! I’ve already read one Atwood work this week. Unfortunately my copy of this just came into the library today so I’ll have to join you next week.

  2. I haven’t been able to start this yet, but I did read another Atwood title that I will review soon. I’ll try to join in with this one, but it’s currently in Bas’ luggage and so it’s not with me :/ Will try to catch up though.

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