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Advent – Sankt Nikolaus

Europe does a few things pretty well. Immigation control? Not bad but not draconian either (I like that). Single currency? Well, still up for debate. High speed rail? Not bad. But what it does really well is Advent. Actually I can only vouch for the German Advent experience but it’s pretty awesome.

On the 6th of December, St Nikolaus leaves good things for well-behaved children in Germany in their boots or shoes overnight. He must have been busy cramming my share into Mini-Me’s boots because she tells me he was very generous, but he didn’t seem to make it over to south London.

Throughout Advent, Advent wreaths with candles are light whenever there is a visitor, wreaths hang on doors, acquaintances wish one another “Happy First [Sunday of Advent]”.

Advent calendars have made it to most bits of the world that I’ve lived in; this year’s specimen is full of Niederegger marzipan chocolate which is high on my list of favourite chocolates. I’ve taken to opening the door first thing in the morning and throwing the chocolate into my handbag for my lunchbreak!

(The Physicist vaguely disapproves of chocolate Advent calendars so he’s got one with religious pictures.)

But this year’s Advent novelty is a tea-based advent calendar!


(with my current favourite mug). There are two flaps at the front which open out to let you into the tea goodness:


And there’s a handy list of teas on the side of the box!

photo1So far the teas haven’t been great, but tonight’s is very good – smells just like Glühwein without the wein. It’s Glühtea.

Anyway, I’m off to Germany tomorrow evening for a few nights with the family; Advent with Atwood will continue apace! I made more progress on The Blind Assassin today on the Tube and will probably take two Atwoods with me for the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Advent – Sankt Nikolaus”

  1. So annoyed to be missing you in Germany! My parents actually gave me that tea advent calendar last year and I enjoyed it. As you said, the teas (with some exceptions) aren’t fantastic, but I liked the idea of trying a different one each day.
    By the way, HH is now completely white with snow. Very Christmassy, enjoy!

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