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Sunday Salon – Schnee


Written from the departure lounge at Hamburg airport, where snow is falling with gusto and abandon and the snow-clearing tractors are getting a serious workout.

A quick weekend back to Hamburg with family RWT; the Book Accumulator has accumulated more books. The Musician and I took in the Christmas markets this morning, including a portion of Schmalzkuchen, but the weather was a bit on the bitter and miserable side for our liking. For most of the weekend the snow fell prettily outside while we admired it from a warm house; the snow boots got a few workouts but generally the snow was a beautifying feature, rather than an inconvenient one.

Mini-Me opened her Christmas present early and then proceeded to play many games of Mapominoes Europe
with me at the dining table; a games night on Saturday featured Articulate, Balderdash and Eurobabble (of which Articulate is still definitely the best game).

I watched the last three episodes of season 5 of the Gilmore Girls (a family addiction) – I can’t believe she got arrested and dropped out. One or the other, surely? – and promptly borrowed seasons 6 and 7 from Mini-Me.

My flight has finally been called – time for a bit more The Blind Assassin!


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