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It’s 10.20am, I’m sitting at my surprisingly clear desk (although my inbox is now a crate, so…) and contemplating just how much of my first day of a whole month of holiday I can waste mooching on the internet.

It’s been a really tough week, for a four-day week; I still managed to accrue 50 working hours in four days (I’m contracted to do 35 in 5). But… the project is done, the client seemed happy, and apart from some paperwork on Monday and a conference call on Wednesday, I’ve got a month off.


Time to catch up with Advent with Atwood – I’ve finished The Blind Assassin (not hard, given how little of the book was left after part 2 of the read-along!) and I’m about a third of the way into The Edible Woman although the signs are pointing towards a DNF.

Time to catch up on my reviews – sitting beside (not in, there’s no space) the Inbox Crate, waiting to be reviewed, are:

The Blind Assassin, The Piano Tuner, Until Thy Wrath Be Past, The Secrets Between Us, I Capture the Castle, The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, Before I Met You  and The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes. Some of those reviews are really overdue.

Time to catch up on my reading – lying around, half started, are:

Where or When, The Amateur Marriage, The Angry Buddhist, Whatever Happened to Harold Absalom.

And other things to catch up on, like cooking, washing, eating, Advent calendars


2 thoughts on “Holiday”

  1. All I can say is: enjoy your holidays!
    I’m starting The blind assassin this evening, now I’ve finished the novel I was reading so I will comment you in the monday posts as soon as possible.
    See you!

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