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Challenges? Meh.

So, this year I signed up for a ton of challenges. And then completely failed to meet any of them. Quite a few of my books even have coloured sticky tabs on them to show which challenge they would fit.

While I enjoyed the idea of challenges and I liked to structure my reading a bit, I ran into trouble because:

– I received a ton of ARCs, and really enjoyed that. But it scuppered my challenges; I pretty much received ARCs at a rate that I could have read nothing else this year (and that’s without paying much attention to NetGalley)

– I worked really hard this year. This was the year in which the 50 hour work week became standard, I worked almost every weekend in the first 6 months of the year, I started working on the commute, thus axing my reading time

I expect both of those to continue next year. I’m also finishing my Open University degree next year, and trying to get a translation business off the ground (, in case you’re wondering).

To that end, I’m not committing to any challenges next year. I might try a couple of them if I see a really good one, but I’m mostly going to steer clear.


7 thoughts on “Challenges? Meh.”

  1. Challenges are fun when they are a little difficult but possible to achieve. Otherwise they’re worthless. In your case, they were worthless. 🙂

    I finished just one of 4 or 5 challenges for this year. I do like challenges that ask me to use books that I already own so my TBR went down a bit (and then filled with other books again).

    I’m doing a few challenges in the new year that will help me to reduce the TBR further and that means I have to be careful not to accept too many ARCs! It’s just so tempting!

  2. I’ve been almost exactly the same this year – I only signed up for a few challenges for 2013 but I still didn’t manage to get anywhere near completing them! I’ve read some fabulous books this year though and like you I’ve been a lot busier at work so I’m not too sad about it! 🙂 I’m doing my best to resist all of the 2013 challenges because I just know that I won’t have the time to read for them but we’ll see…:-/

  3. I’m always wary of joining challenges, because I like my reading to be as spontaneous as possible – which is why A Century of Books proved so perfect a challenge for me, at least for the first ten months of the year. But only, I suppose, because I monumentally failed to read ARCs, except of reprinted books – but that was a decision I made a few years ago, to weight it towards older books.

  4. Same sentiment here. Workload is huge at work, that sort of ruin the joy of reading for me, especially working on weekends. Hope you have a a good break.

  5. I am often tempted to join challenges, and mostly end up joining, but then I almost always fail. I find that I like the list making (but I have always been an endless maker of lists), but am not very good at sticking to them. I like to read whatever appeals at that moment… The only challenge that works well for me are those that ask for direct interaction, and even with those I mostly like the interaction but not the “have to read this now” feeling. I think perhaps that is why I am not being very good with ARCs at the moment either. I love the idea of them, but with just starting my job I haven’t been very good at keeping up.

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