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BTT – Gifts and Resolutions

Do you like to give books as gifts? Even people who love to read and love to get books can be hard to gift books to … so, does that make you pause and reach for the neckties or DVDs or sweaters … anything BUT a book at gift-giving time? How do you feel about getting books yourself? Are you picky or easy?

As my cousins and now Family Physicist will attest, I love giving books as presents. And I love to receive them. I’m not too worried about giving someone a book they’ve already read, either because I don’t think they read all that much so the chances are fairly slim, or because I know they’ll take it in stride and we’ll have a laugh and a chat about the book in question.

Similarly, I don’t mind getting something I’ve already read – a chance to re-read a favourite; or something I already own but haven’t read, as that’s a strong reason to push it up the TBR pile (at one stage as a girl I had 5 copies of Anne of Green Gables which I refused and refused and refused to read and once I actually read it, I read the whole series straight away).

In my house, books incubate for at least a year before I read them, so if I don’t like a book that someone gave me, I’ve probably forgotten it was a gift by the time I read it!

Any reading resolutions for the new year? Reading more? (Reading less?) Reading better books? Bigger books? More series? More relaxing books?

And hey, feel free to talk about any other resolutions you might have, too … or why you choose NOT to have any.

I signed up to a ton of challenges last year and totally failed to complete (or in many cases, start) them. So this year there have been no resolutions. I would quite like to get back to the classics reading drive that caused me to start this blog, but life’s too busy at the moment (full time work, 2nd uni degree, trying to get a translation business going…) to read things that aren’t relaxing.

General resolutions: Less stress. Work smarter and therefore fewer hours. Stop complaining about my weight and actually lose some. Be more positive about life generally.


1 thought on “BTT – Gifts and Resolutions”

  1. I just posted my resolutions for 2012 a few days ago. Positivity is one of my most important ones. I think a positive view of life can make such a difference in our mood. Hope you have a wonderful year!

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