Library Loot

Library Loot: December

Needing to get a “workout” in for GymPact, I walked up to Balham library and back a few days ago (30 mins each way as a brisk walk… in light drizzle…) listening to:

the-stone-cutterI’m now onto disc 5 (out of 8, I think). The police are nowhere near solving Sora’s murder, Lilian is being a crazy lady, and Anders and Agnes are now going to have to deal with the unwanted pregnancy and wedding (oh, back in the 1920s). There are lots of strands – a few too many, in my opinion – but I’m definitely enjoying this listen.

Anyway I returned a few economics texts that The Physicist had wanted to me to borrow for him and then not read, and picked up:

fair play

having heard so many great things about The Summer Book (which, in fact, I own), this leapt out at me off the shelves, as well as

hangman's holidaywhich looked just perfect for an evening on the sofa (Alex was raving about Dorothy L Sayers).

Balham library is lovely – not as beautiful a building as Tooting, my local, but better stocked and organised, I felt. More 30 minute walks up there in future, I think!


3 thoughts on “Library Loot: December”

  1. Tove Jansson! I haven’t read Fair Play, but I love Jansson in general. I hope you enjoy the book!

    And yes, I’ve heard lots of good things about Sayers. Perhaps I should give her a try as well?

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