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Sunday Salon – Sunburn


What a week! Since this time last Sunday (and I’m not counting time differences…), I have spent time with myriad family and friends in Sydney, including going for an hour’s walk at Manly Beach and coming back with the neckline of my T-shirt neatly outlined in red on my skin (my Irish skin never learns), and seeing The Long No Longer Resident Cousin Who Really Needs A New Name Now That She’s Not In London Anymore, More’s The Pity, basked in 43 degrees heat on my last day in Sydney, flown back across the world, sorted a chunk of my life out, gone to visit a shopping centre for work, and visited Ma and Pa Physicist and family in Scotland.

I’d been on the computer at home for about 20 minutes when it shut down without warning and wouldn’t restart, which is hugely annoying because I had been saving up a ton of things while I was in Australia to do on the main computer when I got home. So hopefully we will get that fixed next week or we will be in the market for a new computer shortly.

Jetlag has been a beast, although I hope I’m mostly over it now, getting tired at 9 and up at 6.30 is pretty normal for me actually. I have bought a little sunrise alarm clock thingiwhatsit to help with getting up in the dark, long before the sun will rise, so hopefully that will help a bit and encourage me to head for the bike in the morning before the coffee.

Next week – back to work big time. I’m now entering busy season… and while I have a week of holiday booked in April, the next holiday I have booked after that is in October. And I think April will get lost anyway. So, that’s a thing. But, clearly I thrive on this challenge, so the loins are girded and off we go.

So, Sundayisit, what happened to YOU this week? Huh?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Sunburn”

  1. I’m tired just reading about what you’ve been doing! 🙂 Also, I’m another early to bed early to rise-r, unless my illnesses get in the way.

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