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Sunday Salon – Snoooow and sun

TSS The snow came down in earnest in London; about 1.5 inches fell last Friday, which I enjoyed from my 25th floor vantage point and enjoyed even more when I frolicked about in it like a 5-year-old on Sunday amid 4 or 5 inches of the stuff, much to the amusement of The Physicist, who is not used to childlike antics from me. London’s transport has mostly ground to a halt; social media was alight with “stupid train/bus/car/bike doesn’t work in snow…”. I have to say my train worked admirably all week although as it runs underground, I don’t know how much of a commendation that is.

Later in the week I tried out a different (overground) train to work and was delighted to discover that I can get a seat on the 08.01 – I have to be on the Tube before 7 to get a seat. And I took to walking a lot; now that I’ve discovered that GymPact accepts anything over 30 minutes and 2 miles per hour, I’ve been getting much more walking into my day. It’s 25 minutes from Blackfriars to my current client, ditto 30 minutes from the client to Elephant & Castle (non-Brits, are you enjoying the names?), so as long as I make sure I’ve walked a bit more than 30 minutes, my GymPact is met and I’ve had a lovely walk in the “fresh” London air – it’s been so clear and crisp, it’s very beautiful. Oh, and walking past St Paul’s almost daily helps restore my faith in humanity – or at least its architects.

Yesterday meant some long-overdue office sorting out, yum cha with work friends, a hair cut, and a whole book. Herman Wouk’s The Lawgiver is comical, sweet, perceptive and acerbic. I very much enjoyed it.

Today I’m off to an Australia Day event at Australia House, where I will no doubt be quizzed on whether I’m actually Australian, hopefully I will reclaim my bike from the stand at Tooting station where I left it on Thursday morning (oops) and be all ready for a new week at the grindstone.



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