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Sunday mumbles


A slow start to Sunday.

An early morning visit to IKEA yesterday meant I was home again by 11, with my sanity intact, and the makings of an armchair in the boot. Within a few hours and a bit of help from The Physicist, I had a reading nook in the bedroom, from which I did not move for about 4 hours. Glorious. Photos to follow.

My half-sore throat (sore half-throat?) seems to have died down a bit, which is a good thing. I felt pretty sorry for myself last night but I have no greater plans for today than to sit in front of the final of the Women’s Cricket World Cup from Mumbai, in which Australia is playing West Indies (although I’m delaying watching the start of it so that I can fast forward through all the adverts and lunch!), so hopefully I should be right as rain by the end of the day.
Oh, you wanted me to talk about books.
Well, I read The Last Good Man by A. J. Kajinski – had some promising elements but in the end, too much mysticism. Also read The Silence by Alison Bruce – rather good, after I initially complained about it on Monday. Next up, probably The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, which everyone has been raving about. I ordered a copy for the Book Accumulator when the family was visiting this week and then forgot to take this along to our dinner. Clearly I was meant to read it first.

4 thoughts on “Sunday mumbles”

  1. You went to IKEA on a Sunday? Craziness! But you survived and even created a reading nook 🙂 Which armchair did you pick? I’m guessing that terrible bout of flu that has hit The Netherlands (and to which I succumbed last week) has been doing the rounds in the UK as well. Get better soon!

    1. Saturday morning actually (I drafted my post yesterday so I probably forgot to move some time references) but as I was out already quite early, it wasn’t awful. I got a POANG armchair with a blue cover, and a TORBJORN desk chair as well.

      We think P is patient zero on the flu – he came home from Edinburgh with it about a month ago and everyone he’s been near since then has been ill. I thought I was immune as it’s been so long since he was ill, but clearly I have a very long incubative ability!

      1. The POANG is quite comfortable 🙂 Unfortunately, our cats think so too. I can’t remember the last time I sat in it myself… it’d be perfect for reading in though!
        Well, perhaps your immune system is stronger than the rest of them but in the end it simply could not hold off this particular strain?

      2. Yes, I am finding the POANG to be ideal. Well, on the plus side, the right side of my throat was sore on Friday, both sides were sore yesterday, but the right is fine today and the left is really painful now. So I’m on schedule to be totally fine by Tuesday! *fingers crossed*!

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