Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sillies link-up

I’m enjoying this website: You Had One Job. Amazing, the little things that go wrong…


Some glorious follow-ups to “Amercia”.

amercia(photo from the Amercia is with Mitt Tumblr)

And this Tumblr, How Should We Account For Me, paints a funny (occasionally rude) and all too accurate picture of life as an auditor (caveat: life’s not as bad for me as it seems to be for these guys)

Example: When you dive optimistically into busy season, it almost inevitably goes like:


And now that I’ve figured out how to make gifs work, have the cutest kitten in the world.

kitten with toyIf the gifs (moving pictures) aren’t working for you in your browser, could you let me know in the comments so I can fix them?



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