Until Thy Wrath Be Past – Asa Larsson – 3/10

“There was “an incident” in the village. A story that’s told behind the brothers’ backs.”


Two teenagers go missing in winter; their village concludes that they must have run away together. Until a body washes up in a river far from the village in question when the winter snows melt in spring…

Good parts of this book:

1. I loved the police detectives; they were strong individual characters with plenty of back story. Often the police in these things all become one personality.

2. The grandmother. Every police procedural should have an elderly relatives who doesn’t follow any of the rules at all.

3. The dynamic between the Krekula brothers: Larsson puts a lot of time into their story and the relationship between them. The younger becoming the bully, the older one constantly atoning for his failings.

Issues I had with this book:

1. the ghostly visitations: we really didn’t need them. What did they add? It was sweet to see the comforting aspect to the grandmother, and I suppose if a ghost is going to appear to her grandmother, she might as well appear to the police team trying to solve her murder. But still.

2. Cover art: I have some issues with the cover for this book. Why isn’t the girl wearing gloves if it’s so cold? She looks like a teenager, so the only person from the story she could represent is Wilma, in which case where is Simon?

3. The conclusion went on for ages and ages and Rebecka seemed to really enjoy throwing herself into the path of danger for no good reason at all just because she was too impatient to wait for any sort of backup. We knew who the bad guys were for so long… somehow the suspense was all a bit wrong.

I’m not going to write off this author altogether, but I preferred the writing of the other author with the same surname.

Additional information:
Copy from Iris On Books.
Publisher: Maclehose Press, 322 pages (hardback)
Order Until Thy Wrath Be Past: A Rebecka Martinsson Investigationfrom Amazon*
* this is an affiliate link – I will be paid a small percentage of your purchase price if you use this link, which goes towards give-aways and site hosting

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