Thoughts and other Miscellany

I’m alive! (“Survived busy season” edition)

The blog’s been pretty quiet the last few weeks because I’ve been putting in 60+ hours a week at work. This week I managed 51 in 4 days.

But now both of the audits have signed and we’re in file clean-up stages and little sets of subsidiary accounts and a four-day weekend. Even for those of us for whom Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday retain importance, not being on the Underground before the 6:30am fare hike kicks in is a good thing.

Ma and Pa Physicist are in town for a few days, visiting our little house, so this won’t be long, but mostly I just wanted to say “hi”, ask what I’ve missed in the last month or so (links in comments to excellent blog posts welcome) and reassure everyone I’m still ok!



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