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Silly Saturday – £££

Yay a week off awaits me. Woop woop!

So… last time I posted about a thing that I wanted but didn’t feel I could buy myself because that would be indulgent, someone bought it for me. I want to see if that happens with these £271,000 Tiffany earrings:

earringsAren’t they beautiful? Also – why wear a flat (yes, that amount of cash would buy a nice little 2-bed flat in our part of town) dangling from one’s ears? It’s not even the most expensive item on the Tiffany’s website – there’s a necklace there going for £5.4m. You can have this necklace:


which I don’t even think is very pretty, or this castle outside Edinburgh (yes, it’s advertised as an actual castle)… and have lots of change left over compared to the necklace.castle

Anyone else like to spend their Friday evenings admiring things they will never earn enough money in their whole lifetimes to buy?

(by the way, if someone does buy the earrings for me, thanks, but I’m selling them right back to Tiffany’s and buying a flat)


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