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Looking back on May, looking forward to June

In May I read seven books – I’ve slowly got my reading and reviewing mojo back. My hours are more like 50 hours a week instead of 60, I haven’t cycled much because it’s rained tons, so I’ve spent lots of time on the Underground reading.

I read:

Quiet by Susan Cain – I thought this was excellently written, approachable without being condescending; it was lacking something (survival tips for introverts?) which it was perhaps unfair of me to expect.

The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden – this was really excellent, I sped through it very quickly because it was so compelling. Life on as a slave on a cotton plantation in the South in the early 19th century.

Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie – a fairly harrowing tale of a child taken at birth – or not taken at birth. We doubt narrator Gen’s capacity even more than she doubts her own.

Looking for Alaska by John Green – I enjoyed this more than the currently very popular The Fault In Our Stars, somehow this was more real.

Finding Lily by Lisa D. Ellis – a meditation on the loss of a child – continuing a theme with Close My Eyes!

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan – review to come – this was a very sweet (literally) story about a woman who falls on her feet by opening a cafe. Full of delicious recipes.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult – as ever, another addictive legal family drama from Ms Picoult.

June has not had much reading so far, hopefully it picks up towards the end of the month.



1 thought on “Looking back on May, looking forward to June”

  1. Sounds as if you had some good reading in May, Yvann. I did too: I read some poetry (Bottled Air by Caleb Klaces), short stories (the Sunday Times contest shortlist), memoir (Why be Happy when you Could be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson) and nonfiction (Oral Literature in Africa by Ruth Finnegan). June is good so far, including a Finnish book called Mr Darwin’s Gardener.

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