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Looking for Me – Beth Hoffman – 7/10

“Charleston was a unique place – one where it seemed as if two different worlds not so much collided but gracefully slid up beside each other and decided to just get along.”

looking for me

Teddi Overman loves her family, but she ran away from home and her mother’s dreams of secretarial school to build a life for herself restoring antiques in Charleston. Every time she returns home, she can’t help believing her brother, long disappeared and assumed dead, is still living in the beautiful nature around the family farm. Now grown-up and cleaning out the family property, she finds clues that maybe not all is as it appears.

This is a sweet, easy-reading piece of fluff. I whipped through it on a flight; while there is an ongoing background mystery as to what has happened to Teddi’s brother, really it’s a few months in the life of an antiques restorer. There are a couple of gently recurring arcs in the story, such as the adventures of Miz Tule Jane Poteet, the antique-focussed kleptomaniac, and Olivia, Teddi’s icy friend.

On a more serious note, Hoffman writes serious emotion well. She handles grief and loss very well and sensitively, as well as the itchy feet of a teenage girl wanting to make her way in the world, refusing her mother’s more sensible plans. Teddi’s conflicted feelings with her mother – devotion, with an undercurrent of resentment and impatience – are clear but heartfelt.

I loved the sense of Charleston conveyed – I’ve not spent much time in the USA but this sleepy, elegant, slightly behind the times but better for it, feeling is exactly what I imagine of the non-industrial South, and now I sort of want to go for a visit. Which is high praise for a location in a book. Equally, the nature around the novel’s other main setting, a farm in Kentucky, is also pictured well, the feeling of untouched nature slowly being encroached upon by city campers.

Definitely worth a read, particularly if you are looking for something relaxing. Come back Friday for a Q&A with the author!

Additional information:
Copy kindly provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.
Publisher: Viking
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