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Booking Through Thursday – Tragicomedy

Btt2 This week’s Booking Through Thursday:

All other things being equal (good writing, enthralling story, etc), which would you rather read—something serious, angsty, and tragic? Or something light, fluffy, and fun? Or a blend of both? (Since, really, isn’t that how real life works?)

I think it’s no secret that I love reading crime novels. Someone needs to end up dead, and someone else needs to solve the mystery after several wrong leads. I’m pretty happy anywhere on the spectrum from the cosy (Hamish MacbethAmelia Peabody, China Bayles) through the more-serious-but-not-gruesome (Kinsey Millhone, Stephanie Plum) to the really quite depressingly dark (Mikhael Blomqvist and his Scandinavian friends). I draw the line at the stomach-churningly macabre with graphic description, and often stop reading books very quickly based on that.

I like a good bit of comedy, but usually along the Bill Bryson lines. I’ve read a bit of less serious, generally domestic fiction, but it often fails to really grab me in the way a crime novel does.

And I’d always rather watch Castle or White Collar than something comedic – although both of those have plenty of light relief along the way!


1 thought on “Booking Through Thursday – Tragicomedy”

  1. I like a good cosy too but with a bit of common sense thrown in. I adored the early Amelia Peabody series but lost interest once they moved out of the Victorian era and into WW1.

    I generally like my novels to have a bit of light and shade in them. Here’s mine Backchatting Books BTT

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