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Sunday Salon – driving driving driving


Highlights of the week:

Driving from south London to Cheltenham, working an 8 hour day, then driving myself and my team to Cheltenham to Bedfordshire; a total of 5.5 hrs driving. As we needed to eat dinner somewhere, and we had to drive just past the edge of Oxford, obviously I had to take my team captive and take them to dinner at my favourite Oxford restaurant. Fortunately they approved and seemed quite excited, or else they were just humouring me because we had another 90 minutes in the car together.

Buying a Nespresso machine last Sunday. I definitely feel like a grown-up now. Confession: I can’t tell the flavours apart at all.

A really good week at work. I got some positive feedback, things seem to be going quite well, I played a game of cricket for the work team and scored 22* and took 2 wickets; a positive week, I would say.

A night out in London with my cricket mates on Friday night; while I bailed early just before midnight as the girls were headed for a karaoke bar, it was a fun night out and just what I needed.


Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Niente. It has been WEEKS since I opened a book. What’s wrong with me?

Next week:

Hopefully more of the same. With a bit of reading? Is that too much to ask?

Your turn:

What should I read to get me back into the reading zone?


1 thought on “Sunday Salon – driving driving driving”

  1. Oh, I wish I knew what to tell you. I’m having a hard time getting into reading too. It’s been about a week since I’ve read anything too, with a bit of family drama not helping in that regard. I did put out a cry for help via Twitter for you…maybe some folks will be able to help us both get our reading mojo back.

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