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Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe – Jenny Colgan – 7/10

“Life was always easier, reflected Issy, when you were carrying a large Tupperware full of cakes. Everyone was happy to see you then.”


Dumped, made redundant, and caring for a grandfather slowly being swallowed by dementia, poor Issy resorts to her usual comfort food – cupcakes. She uses her redundancy payment in a move of desperation to lease a down-on-its-luck building and slowly starts to get a cafe going. Will she manage to make a go of it, or will a dastardly ex-boyfriend burn her dreams?

This is a sweet coming-of-age, or rather emotional maturity, story. In a sense, character development is predictable (one arch-nemesis becomes a friend, another provides the conflict throughout). Romantic entanglement equally predictable but cute. Issy really does mature organically and while having both a helpful bank manager and colleague appear as if by magic is a little too helpful, the rest is credible.

Colgan captures the neighbourhood of Stoke Newington (“Stokey”) well, she clearly knows and loves the area and is keen to see it flourish while protected from property developers (as are Issy and Austin in the story).

The best part of this is that it is interspersed with excellent recipes, written in a light tone, matched to life events for the damsel in distress. I really want to try some of these (which is how I felt about other recipes-in-novel books like The Love Verb and Miss Julia)

Definitely recommended for a light read with imaginary cake.

Additional information:

Copy kindly provided by the publisher in return for an honest review
Publisher: Sourcebooks (ebook)
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7 thoughts on “Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe – Jenny Colgan – 7/10”

  1. I have not read any Jenny Colgan but it sounds they are a good light read when you need it. And if I can eat cake through the book and not physically that will help the diet!

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