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Sunday Salon – Adios America


I write this in the departure lounge at Newark, looking out over the airfield at all the bright-tailed jets. A nice man brought me the Sunday Times, and I’ve got a steady stream of Oreos and Canada Dry going from the buffet. It’s all good.

I have had Quite A Week. First Denver, with its epic rain, calamitous floods on the news, and corporate hotel in the middle of nowhere – but really friendly people, and lots of space. Then over to New York, pretty much the opposite of Denver. It was hot and sunny and crowded and busy and there was lots to see: in 2 evenings and a day of sightseeing, I:

– saw Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie – it was great

– saw the New York Public Library and had dinner in Bryant Park

– took an evening cruise around the southern half of Manhattan with lots of photo opportunities with the Statue of Liberty, information about Ellis Island and the various districts we passed – highly recommended

– walked the length of Central Park (it’s long), stopped to watch a German parade (it was Steuben Day, unbeknownst to me)

– visited the 9/11 memorial

– went to Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral

– ate proper New York Mac ‘n cheese

– wandered around Brooklyn and Williamsburg

most of it with a friend from cricket. It was ace.

Photos to follow!


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