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Sunday Salon and blogging re-boot x.0

So I’ve been back in London from my Bedfordshire and Denver/New York adventures for a little while now, and I have next week off so plenty of time to do some blogging.

Every time we sign an audit, I feel like I’m going to have more time to blog, which I love doing, but actually that doesn’t really ever seem to be the case. Several times this year I’ve thought I was going to get the blog up and running again and often get two weeks’ worth of posts out of a weekend hard at work on reviewing, but then it peters out again. I don’t think I’m ready to leave blogging just yet, but life is in flux at the moment with trying to buy a house and having been promoted, and somehow blogging always goes to the bottom of the pile.

That said…

Had a lovely weekend with Mini-Me down from boarding school this weekend, we hit the shops and went to Wagamama’s and sorted out my car’s flat battery (with serious help from The German – thanks!!!!).

Read Rainbow Rowell’sĀ The Attachments last week. Loved it.

Have a bunch of audio-books out from the library including Louis de Bernieres’ Birds Without Wings. I will find something of his that I like.

Around the internet this week:

Alex is back from maternity leave on her blog, looking forward to seeing more of her thoughts on reading (as we have quite similar tastes)

Here is a Tube map, in German. Because everyone needs one.

USA, this shutdown is crazy. Sort it out.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon and blogging re-boot x.0”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out šŸ™‚ Lots of people seem to be on a blog-slump or actually quit. What has been happening while I’ve been away?!

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