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Stretches, yawns, returns to life…

So a little while ago I got promoted at work, and The Physicist has pretty much taken over my iPad, and I thought I’d buy myself an iPad mini as a present. So I did, and I’ve been using it as a Kindle, and for some reason I had Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel Sisterland on there, and I’ve been reading it a bit going to and from work, then tonight I got home and Just. Read. It. Through. Whole thing.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. And it felt so good.

I’ve been away from my reading mojo for a long time… roughly as long as we were looking for a house to buy. Once we gave up on the London housing market and resigned ourselves to renting, we came up with a plan and found a house within 10 days. So suddenly I have all this brain-space back again.

This seems to happen fairly frequently on Friday nights when The Physicist is out/away (he zooms off to Scotland to play bridge fairly regularly, so I have quite a few weekends to myself!); I come in from work, too tired to think about cooking yet, so just go sit upstairs and lose myself in my book. I’ve read some of the best books this year like that – Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, SisterlandThe Wedding Gift etc.

I’m curious as to whether having too much on going on in life and feeling to stressed to read then nixes my reading, or whether it’s because I’m not allowing myself time to read that I feel like I’m drowning in life sometimes.



1 thought on “Stretches, yawns, returns to life…”

  1. I understand that. Life is busy here too and I am only managing to read a chapter at bedtime. Previously I would read during an evening especially when there was nothing much on TV or I didn’t have anything else much on.

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