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Mid-book notes – Bellman & Black

Diane Setterfield – what a talented writer. I loved The Thirteenth Tale, an eerie Wuthering Heights homage, but Bellman & Black is in a different league. William Bellman is blessed in business and for a long time blessed in his personal life. When he buries in fairly quick succession his mother, uncle, cousin, wife and three children, however, he makes a desperate bargain with a shady character.

I haven’t finished it yet but it was thrilling enough that I didn’t quite get up in time to get off my train at London Bridge a few mornings ago – the first time I’ve missed a stop because I was reading. I’m going to continue to claim I didn’t really miss it, I just chose to keep riding the train so as to not have a stressed and hurried disembarkation which would result in something getting lost or broken, but it gives you an idea of how engrossing the book is.

Can’t wait to keep reading it!


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