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27 before 27

So… I turned 26 a fortnight ago. And lots of people do these “30 before 30” things, and it looked fun. And a good way to challenge myself to do some things – some should be easy (“read 27 books”), some will be really hard (take 27 days of holiday and succeed in not working on them). I thought I’d come back here and report every now and again on my progress.

With apologies to the internet at large for pilfering ideas.

1. Run 5k in under 27 minutes

2. Cut out chocolate for 27 days

3. Work out every day for at least 27 minutes, for 27 consecutive days

4. Visit 27 different restaurants

5. Host 27 dinner parties

6. Get paid for 27 pieces of translation work.

7. Take 27 days of holiday and manage not to work on them.

8. See 27 new places (can be around London or in a different country)

9. Find 27 photos which I love and display them one way or another.

10. Cook 27 new recipes

11. Remove 27 things from my house.

12. Play 27 holes of mini golf.

13. Watch 27 films which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actor or Best Actress.

14. Play the piano for at least 27 minutes 27 times in the year.

15. Weigh less than 2.5 x 27kg (=67.5kg) again

16. Have 2 x 27 (=54) dates/excursions/evenings in with the Physicist

17. Cycle 27 miles in a day.

18. Do 27 things outside my comfort zone

19. Attend 27 yoga/Pilates/ballet classes

20. Write 27 postcards/letters*

21. Donate at least 27 hours of my time in charitable causes

22. Discover 27 new artists to listen to

23. Read 27 books

24. Eat vegetables every day for 27 days

25. Cut out TV for 27 days

26. Make an effort to learn some computer coding skills for at least 27 minutes 27 times in the year

27. Get to a streak of 27 days on Duolingo.

*Doesn’t include the postcard I send every week to my grandparents, nor Christmas/birthday cards.


What do we think?


4 thoughts on “27 before 27”

  1. Different and not just the norm in sticking to 30 before 30.

    If you need anyone to send a postcard to let me know!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it as the year goes by.

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