The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin – 8/10

“Why should I spoil a peaceful moment with my irritation? Hearing someone complain is tiresome whether you’re in a good mood or a bad one and whether or not the complaining is justified.”

happiness project

Rubin, successfully published non-fiction writer, is enchanted by the topic of happiness and our modern malaise of having neither time nor inclination to improve our happiness. Whether happiness is even a reasonable or worthy pursuit.

I absolutely loved Happier at Home, and I really enjoy these “year of…” memoirs. I do love a bit of watching someone else improve their life. Maybe that’s why I love watching West Wing and all the police procedural shows where people solve problems (murders)? Anyway… This is another in the vein of Sleeping Naked is Green, The New York Mormon Singles’… something-or-other (seriously, that book’s title is too long).

Rubin writes intelligently and thoughtfully without being boring, about the science of happiness and introducing it into her daily life. She makes lots of attempts, some fail, but discovers lots of tricks and happy accidents along the way. My favourites include Act more energetic, Tackle a nagging task, Spend out (i.e. use up those things you’re saving for one day… what if it never comes?). I was also a big fan of the Secrets of Adulthood – Rubin has a knack for the simple but insightful one-liner, such as “if you can’t find something, clean up” or “what’s fun for other people may not be fun for you – and vice versa”.

I think this is a fascinating book and definitely one to take away a few ideas from (I was mocked by my colleagues when I was reading this on a plane from Denver to New York and taking lots of notes!) – and I’m still reading her blog.

Additional information:

Copy bought (BOUGHT) in Denver a few months ago.
Publisher: HarperCollins, 296 paperback pages 
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4 thoughts on “The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin – 8/10”

  1. I loved this book and what I loved was that there were plenty of simple things to try that you can do in everyday life without having to give everything up and travel round the world to ‘find yourself’. I enjoyed Happier at Home as well but not as much as the first one. I’m looking forward to her next one. I was mocked at first for reading it but I’ve since convinced a friend, my boss and my mum to read it and they all loved it too!

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