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Booking Through Thursday – Crazy

Btt2 A few weeks ago’s Booking Through Thursday:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while reading? Walked the dog? Brushed your teeth? Cooked supper? Splashed in the waves at the beach?

And… were there any repercussions? Would you do it again?

I think the actual craziest thing I’ve done is walk all the way around a lake near Berlin. I was tagging along behind the Book Accumulator and while I can remember neither the book nor the lake, I do remember that it caused him and the friend he was visiting (and thus dragging me along to see) much amusement that I could read while walking and not fall over.

I still think it’s crazy how often I get in aeroplanes and I usually have a book with me there. I took one journey last year that lasted 42 hours by the time you included 3 Tubes, 2 planes, a train, 3 buses and a coach journey – and I had an audiobook with me on the coach journey while it took the Kiama bends at far too fast a speed for my liking!

As a child I *always* had a book with me – at the breakfast table, while cleaning my teeth… if I’d been a better musician I’d have tried to read while doing music “practice”. As it is, I’m not convincing even when I genuinely am trying to practice.


2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Crazy”

  1. Bank queues, maybe any queues, as no hassle when I have my book with me. I curse myself when I leave one at home. When I worked as a rep and did a lot of travelling, I read whilst driving, eyes flickering up and down, putting down the book in traffic. My wife asked me to stop so reluctantly I did.

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