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Books I’d Like Santa To Bring

So, as you must surely know by now, I have a Major Book Problem. I have over 800 unread volumes lying around, never mind the 200+ on my Kindle as well. And we’re about to move house.

A friend who has just moved house emailed me a photo of a 30-book-high pile the other day saying “these are going to the charity shop unless you want them?” – I took 15.

The Physicist is despairing. The new rule is “we’re not buying any more bookshelves”. Which is progress from “you can have one 6-foot Billy bookshelf”.

Anyhow – safe to say that Santa won’t be bringing me books this Christmas. But if I lived here (a £65m mansion in London – it’s worth clicking through just to ogle, there’s a great library with fireplace), what would be on my list for Santa?

Everything by:

– Elizabeth Wein – I loved Code Name Verity.

– Gretchen Rubin – I’ve really enjoyed The Happiness Project and Happier At Home.

– Kate Atkinson – When Will There Be Good News and Life After Life

– Curtis Sittenfeld’s American Wife (having enjoyed Sisterland)

– Jodi Picoult. She’s so addictive.

– everything by John Grisham, John le Carre, Robert Harris.

Oh, and my entire dead-tree book collection to be instantly on the Kindle too so that I can read it on the iPad when I’m out and about.

What did I miss?




6 thoughts on “Books I’d Like Santa To Bring”

  1. i’ve got so many books sitting here unread – and I know I am getting books for Christmas – 🙂 it’s still so exciting contemplating those book shaped packages.

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