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Abandoning books

I brought 8 books with me on our Christmas break, some borrowed (so I knew I would have to take them back to London), some with every potential of being abandoned en route.

So far I have read:

I am Half-Sick of Shadows (review coming Jan 15) – needs to be taken back to London to give back to Mini-Me, its rightful owner

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns (review coming Jan 17) – will be happily left behind in this hotel

Winter at Death’s Hotel (not going to be reviewed as I didn’t make it past page 50) – can also be abandoned at this hotel with glee!

Of the other books I brought with me, only 2 actually need to go back to London with me… I think I’ve discovered the solution to my book problem! Read and release!

How do the rest of you pass on books? I have always wanted to find them a new owner for fear they would be thrown away (I’m scared that if I leave it on the Tube the cleaning staff will just throw it out), but the second hand shops usually don’t accept many books these days. Our office has a book donation box which I have taken to using, plus there is the fabulous Books For London scheme.


3 thoughts on “Abandoning books”

  1. When the book is a FREE ebook, and I just can’t abide it, nor feel I would ever return to it (like Easy Bake Coven), I happily hit delete over archive. When it is a “book book”, and this year I have recieved almost 3 dozen GoodReads/First Reads, I’ve donated one to the College’s “Give one take one” bookcases, donated another to the local library, and a third is in a box of books that will eventually go to a womens’ retreat center.

    My disability has made me give up ministry. This year, I’ve donated 44 boxes of my portable theological library ( pre-internet ) to the Lay Ministry Program, and more will follow in 2014 ( one doesn’t need 35 Bibles or Greek, German, Hebrew and Latin dictionaries)

    My spouse is a former librarian. When we first came together, we had a quarter ton of books(truth!). Because of her diligence, at least half of them have been culled out, but some will outlive us! All this to say,its taken 14 years to learn that “abandoning books” is NOT a sin. Its hard, but it isn’t tragic!

  2. Books I didn’t like I give to charity shops/leave at hotels. Books I liked but don’t think I’ll want to read again I either pass on to a friend or donate to one of our neighbourhood book swaps.

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