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27 before 27 update

Following on from my goal-setting post, an update on the 27th of the month:

(I have only included the items where I have made progress)

4. Visit 27 different restaurants

  1. Bibigo (Great Marlborough St) on 04 Dec 2013
  2. Snowflake (Soho icecream) on 04 Dec 2013
  3. Tuttons Covent Garden on 12 Dec 2013 for work Christmas party
  4. The Mulberry Bush on 16 Dec 2013 for drinks and snacks with uni friends
  5. John Paul at the Marine 24 – 27 Dec 2013 over Christmas

7. Take 27 days of holiday and manage not to work on them. (Bank Holidays count, weekends don’t): 8 including 23-27 Dec

8. See 27 new places (can be around London or in a different country)

  1. Fenchurch St station
  2. North Berwick (went for Christmas)

9. Find 27 photos which I love and display them one way or another: 1 so far (photo of me with Mini-Me now on iPad and computer background)

10. Cook 27 new recipes

  1. Dinner rolls – 8/10
  2. Pea, courgette and feta fritters – 9/10
  3. Lemon and poppyseed muffins – 6/10
  4. Rosemary and red onion fougasse – 2/10
  5. Red onion, smoked salmon, dill, yoghurt pasta – 8/10
  6. Thai pork and peanut curry – 8/10
  7. Sweet potato porridge – outright failure
  8. Roast chicken with sweetcorn & parsley stuffing – 6/10 (quite nice but nothing exciting)
  9. Banana, apple and bran bread – failed to bake properly
  10. Chocolate peppermint cupcakes – 6/10

11. Remove 27 things from my house: 3 DVDs, 5 books

16. Have 2 x 27 (=54) dates/excursions/evenings in with the Physicist: 2 so far (including seeing “The Butler” at the cinema which was pretty good)

18. Do 27 things outside my comfort zone

  1. Present a session on the new UK accounting practices coming in 2014-15
  2. Roast a chicken
  3. Get a back massage at a spa (I loathe health professionals/beautician people touching me…)

20. Write 27 postcards/letters*: 2

22. Discover 27 new artists to listen to

  1. Marina and the Diamonds
  2. Juveniles
  3. Lawson

23. Read 27 books

  1. Life after Life
  2. I Am Half-Sick of Shadows
  3. The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

27. Get to a streak of 27 days on Duolingo: ACHIEVED. Maybe change this goal to 27000 points on Duolingo? Thinking about focusing on one language at at time.

So not bad for the first month.


2 thoughts on “27 before 27 update”

  1. Great start! You eat in restaurants a lot this month, although around Christmas time that’s quite normal in England, I guess. What did you think of the back massage? I haven’t tried anything like that either – it doesn’t appeal much. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great goal, though!

    1. Well, I eat out quite a lot for quick evening meals with friends (as London is so spread out you can never go to someone’s house after work). And yes – there’s been quite a lot of catching up just before Christmas. The back massage was good although not great – very quiet and not fussy which helped. It also helped that I’m on holiday so I didn’t feel I was “wasting” time!!

      On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 5:54 PM, Reading With Tea

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