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2013 in TV in the Reading With Tea household

Because it’s fun to find out what people like to watch. I totally stole this idea from Ana.

A couple of shows I already knew about last year, but for which I developed an undying love in 2013: Castle and White Collar.

castleMurder mystery writer with corny sense of humour and too much money follows smart, sassy homicide detective around. What’s not to love?

white collarWant to catch conmen? Hire a conman – and hope he’s not conning you.

Ashes cricket – sorry for those of you who aren’t cricket fans, but this year Australia (my beloved country of origin) lost badly to England (my chosen country of residence) repeatedly, and then a few months later turned around and completely destroyed them. This is a clip of George Bailey (relatively unknown – sometimes captain of the one-day and Twenty20 teams but not seen in the Test team before this series) smacking 28 runs off England’s best bowler in one over. It’s delicious to watch.

I’ve re-watched the whole of The West Wing over the course of the year – I found season 6/7 (the final election) much more interesting this time around. This is a great article from the Guardian about how Matt Santos really was based on Barack Obama – long before Obama’s star was in the ascendancy.

When there’s no cricket… we’ve watched the start of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (we’re big fans of superhero films in this household!), started watching The Tunnel – a body is discovered in the Channel Tunnel exactly halfway between the UK and France, watched bits of assorted other police/crime dramas, and of course the old favourites: I usually put Have I Got News For You or QI or Mock The Week on to go to sleep.

What am I missing? I’m told Scandal is well worth a watch, ditto Orange is the New Black and Parks & Recreation. What else? I’d like to get into Borgen and The Killing, back into Bones and Gilmore Girls (I’ve pretty much stopped at the end of the season where Rory drops out), and I feel like I really should have watched some Buffy at some point in my life!


5 thoughts on “2013 in TV in the Reading With Tea household”

  1. I fell in love with Castle on TNT since its on too late on ABC so I’m a few seasons behind. My spouse loves Susan Sullivan(should I tell her she started on a now defunct Soap Opera:As the World Turns?) and she stopped channel surfing long enough to get me watching it too. She watches so little TV when she watches,WE watch.

    As for White Collar, I fear they jumped the shark 2 seasons back with Neil’s dad coming into the storyline. There was also a rumor that Matt Bommer was being cast as the lead in 50 Shades of Grey, and Magic Mike, in which he co-stars was out. Both were enough to turn me off completely. Do love Mozzie though ( and lived him in Sex and the City too)

  2. I love finding out what others watch on tv. This year was the one where we discovered British panel shows, so there were A LOT of those. It was also the year I discovered The Mindy Project and Bad Education and I said good-bye to Packed to the Rafters. And then there were our usual shows – Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and my soap, Coronation Street.

  3. I tried watching White Collar, but… he distracts me, the handsome guy. I keep focusing on him and not the story! So in the end gave it up 😛

  4. Steal away – I’m always on the lookout for TV recommendations, so posts about what people are watching make me happy 😀 I’m hoping 2014 will be the year when I finally get to The West Wing. And yes, definitely check out Parks and Recreation!

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