Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon – sailing along


After a day of transport adventures yesterday, today is a quiet day at home. I went up to visit Mini-Me yesterday, except that it has Rained A Lot recently around the early Thames and so trains were not running between London and Oxford. The way around this is to get one train London to Banbury and then a different train Banbury to Oxford, but it’s a slow work-around and the evening trip was scheduled to take 2:20 excluding travel time at each end to/from the station. So I went for a walk through central Oxford instead (be still, my beating nostalgia) and got the bus home; managed to work/read/faff about on the internet relatively well on the bus, against all expectations of nausea.

Not much of a week for reading (the shorter commute is playing havoc on my reading!) but a good week at work and settling into the lovely new house. Work is not proving too beastly (yet?) – yes I’m working 45+ hours a week but it’s on my terms (worked late on Tuesday, worked at home on Wednesday…) which is nice. I much prefer this autonomy.

Other things going on in my life: I’m still really enjoying doing Duolingo (French, German and Spanish), still keeping up with Gympact (even if it is only set to 3 workouts a week which I usually manage by walking, at least it forces me into that minimum activity!), and slowly finding out what’s in our new neighbourhood!


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