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Reading in transit


I’ve discovered that I pretty much only read when in transit – when I have the opportunity to sit around, I tend to use the computer/iPad for more internet-based activities e.g. Duolingo, blogging, Twitter, reading blogs, reading the news etc. Either I’m getting less enthusiastic about reading, or I need fewer distractions when reading.

I do spend rather a lot of my time travelling though – today I will have spent over an hour in the car (I can’t read in the car), probably 90 mins with nothing to do at the airport, 90 mins on a plane, and 90 mins on a train. That’s easily a 300 page book plus its review. In the *new house* (so excited about moving) I will be much closer to work so less commuting so less commute reading – perhaps more reading at home? Who knows.

What about you?


7 thoughts on “Reading in transit”

  1. I am no good at reading in transit, well, only if the train is very quiet. Lately, I can only seem to read on my couch when there is nothing happening around me. This might explain my slow reading 😉

  2. I’m like Iris, I find it difficult to read whilst travelling unless it’s quiet. Though I can read more on public transport than as a passenger in a car (car sickness). I’d say it’s the distractions causing you issues, most likely. It’s too easy not to read nowadays.

  3. I do like to read in transit, but I’m very rarely in transit these days – at least not a form of transit that allows for reading (I did my best, but had to conclude that reading while cycling is never going to work). When I first started cycling almost everywhere, I found I was hardly reading any more, so I made a point of giving myself time to read at home.

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