Two recent DNFs

The Incredible Inheritance of Wilberforce by Paul Torday – 4/10 – abandoned after about 70 pages. I picked this up because I loved Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but this is the story of an alcoholic, from the perspective of said alcoholic, who inherits a truly absurd quantity of high quality wine. Being a non-drinker, this didn’t speak to me at all! And I found it deeply frustrating. That said, I suspect wine connoisseurs might find it quite funny.

(bought at the Lancaster market about 2 years ago – which means it’s moved house at least twice with me…)

The Sacred River by Wendy Wallace – 2/10 – abandoned after about 70 pages. This story of a Victorian family who travel to Egypt for the sake of the daughter’s consumptive lungs failed to grab me. By page 70 they were on board with the strange aunt, there was obviously some intrigue with the painter, Harriet had made friends with a newlywed who then suddenly gave birth (without there having been any indication of pregnancy at all)… it felt disjointed to me and wasn’t hard to set aside.

(review copy kindly sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review)


5 thoughts on “Two recent DNFs”

  1. I always feel unreasonably upset when I have DNF books, I used to soldier on despite not enjoying books but I am much better at putting them aside now…. I had to laugh at moving books more than once without reading them, I have done that too!

    1. I bought the majority of my current library (or at least, the mostly oldest stuff) when we married and moved into our first flat, so that’s now 2 moves ago. I do have some books that have done England – Germany – Oxford – (intermittent storage and out of storage) – London – Germany – London – further east London – south London – central south London. Not many though.

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