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Speed reading

A bit of fun I found on Twitter the other day, courtesy of @BloomsburyBooks: how fast do you read? Courtesy of this timer which seems to have been organised by Staples – you can read between 4 and 12 paragraphs while it times you and then gives you a short test to see how well you remember what you read.

I scored 731 words per minute – higher than “high-level executives” and college students, but below “high-level college students”. (I’m intrigued by the fact that college students read faster than executives at the highest levels)

The next click-through floored me though: “at this rate, you could read War and Peace in 13 hours and 23 minutes”. It’s going to take me 13 1/2 hours???? That is the entire duration of a flight from London to Singapore, from boarding to disembarking. (and I couldn’t read that fast for that long. For a start, I’d need a coffee break and a toilet break).

If you’re interested in how fast you read, click here to try it out for yourself!


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