Definitely off-topic today.

As I sit here late on Tuesday night installing Italian-learning software (that is, software that will help me learn Italian, not software which itself is able to learn Italian) on my computer, having earlier practiced my French, German and Spanish, and emailed a secretary in Switzerland in German today, my profound thought for the day is:

How cool are other languages?

Mini-me is writing her extended project on whether music is a language, or some such, which is a whole different kettle of fish (there are other questions which interest me, e.g. of maths as a language, idiom, translation theory), but… how amazing is it to have a secret language among a small group? to have a shared language which denotes you as part of a group? to move fluidly among groups of linguists?

Who here speaks other languages?


1 thought on “Languages”

  1. I am Spanish and I can speak also English, and I love it.
    Being able to communicate in a language which is not your mother language is great; I am very proud of myself and I encourage everybody to learn other languages because you learn not only the language, but lots of cultural information that makes you smarter.

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