Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday – public service announcement

I dreamt last night that a nine-year-old hacked the majority of my accounts by getting into my Google Documents (I’m not sure I even have anything saved in my Google Documents) and demanded either AUD 780 or EUR 780 (my choice!) to give me access back to my passwords.

While, thankfully, that does not seem to have happened overnight, I have been busy changing my passwords this morning and converting to an online password manager (I’m trying out LastPass) to manage them. I’m also a fan of two-factor authentication, especially Google Authenticator which is on my phone so I don’t need phone signal (you laugh, but I have a number of clients where I have zero mobile phone reception). So I’ve been enabling that on everything.

So… Consider this a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood newly-security-conscious blogger not to use the same password for lots of different sites. I took a security challenge after I’d set up LastPass and scored a measly 18.5%…


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