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Busy season hiatus.

Yeah, you all saw this coming. It was January. I have reporting deadlines on the 9th (to Korea), 15th (to Germany), 23rd (to France) and 31st (to the US). Then February and March happened with even more work.

All the hours this calendar year so far, I have worked them. When I was not working, I was asleep. So blogging was not the activity of this month.

Happily, I am now in the new house so all of my commutes are 30 mins shorter. You know what that means? 1 hr more per day that I get to choose what to do with. It’s mostly sleep.

This. This is me right now.

busy season(from the delicious tumblr about accounting life, How Should We Account For Me)

I haven’t actually read a book in more than a month. Every time I could have opened a book, there was email to read and files to review.

On the plus side, this time tomorrow I’ll be waiting at Heathrow for a trip to Sydney to wish Grandma RWT happy 90th birthday. And there will be a stack of books in my handluggage.

So, you know, read on, and I’ll be back at some point.


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