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(inspired by Cassie’s posts at Back To Her Roots)

Listening lots to a podcast called “Back to Work” by Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann – it’s weird and chatty and nerdy and techie and productivity-ish and a little bit wonderful. I am really enjoying having people talk, into my ears, any time that I’m out and about and by myself, about stuff I care about. It started in 2011 and I’m only about 5 episodes in so I have a lot to catch up to.

Wearing funky pink nail polish. One of my clients signed their accounts after a week of really late nights because I was the most junior person on the team (note: I’m now senior enough that that should not be the case, approximately, ever). And in celebration, I went out and bought three new colours of nail polish. I love bright nails. Update because I drafted this post on Monday and now it’s Wednesday – the nails are now dark purple.

Cycling again: I cycled to work at Canary Wharf on Wednesday morning, discovering a couple of interesting neighbourhoods near my house (as Mr RWT noted this morning, one would think I never stray off our road in our neighbourhood – but it’s true! There’s a station at either end of the road!) and then cycled home on Friday all the way along the North bank, past the Tower of London and through Westminster and over Vauxhall Bridge.

Catching up with friends: on Thursday night I met up with two friends and then one had to get on a train but the other and I chatted until late and put the world to rights and laughed a lot and talked about the things that are important to us at the moment.

Eating All Of The Salmon. Every time I go out to a restaurant, I order salmon. It feels too expensive to buy to cook at home (and Mr RWT hates salmon), but in restaurants it’s usually cheaper than steak and served with healthier sides and generally more interesting.

Reevaluating the services I pay for. The Times subscription – I enjoy but I only read the paper about once a week and that’s not worth £17 a month. Netflix – both Mr RWT and I love it, its £6 a month is completely justified if only for guaranteeing a supply of QI episodes which are my current way of going to sleep. You think I’m joking; I’ve put on “Knits and Knots” (this week’s episode) 5 nights running and not yet made it past the first five minutes awake. I’m thinking about paying for Spotify again; I found paid Spotify exhaustingly big before – I tended to stick to a specific playlist and not really explore the wider range of available music. But now I’m making more of an effort to use the “discover” tab and finding a few good new artists. Mindy Gledhill is today’s discovery.

Looking forward to my 9 days in Sydney. After a really busy couple of months I’m desperate for the holiday (the last three weeks I’ve booked 50, 53 and 56 hours respectively), and I can’t wait for new jeans from Jeans West and ice cream from Gelatissimo and chicken teriyaki udon from Kirrakaze and terrible jokes from my Grandpa and the sand on Manly Beach between my toes. I get what I call “reverse homesickness” when I’m in Sydney because I love it so much that it hurts but I also have to acknowledge that it’s not where my life is.



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