Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon – sun-toasted and stagnant


I do try most weeks to come up with new adjectives beginning with S for the Sunday Salon. It’s tricky sometimes.

I’m back in the UK, back hugely into the swing of work which got a bit crazy just before Easter ad while we all love a good four-day weekend, what it really means is you have to do your usual 45-50 hours in 4 days instead of 5. So things have been a bit busy with two 4-day weeks in a row. Lots of sales activity at work given the new EU and UK competition rules about audit tendering, which is something a bit different from the day job! I’ve been in typo-fixing heaven.

Read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah last week (and promptly passed it onto the German with a strong recommendation). Now have some lighter material for next week which have arrived in the post in the last few days: The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger and The Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh. I’ve got a bit of time on trains in the first part of next week so might make a start on those.

I’ve also been playing some cricket and keep accidentally getting a little sun-toasted. I’d have got away with it the first week if my nose hadn’t been so luminously red; today’s is a milder affair. The cricket hasn’t gone fabulously though.

Oh well. Here comes Monday…


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