Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon – Spargel


Back from a little weekend jaunt to Germany:

1. Ate lots of asparagus (the title of this post is “asparagus” in German) and Schnitzel, never mind my favourite truffle pasta in a parmesan waffle basket…

2. Did my accountancy thing for the family

3. Gave Mini-Me a promise of helping her get her driving licence for her birthday

4. Didn’t really read anything

5. Discovered once again how well situated my new house is for transport. I was in my front door 1 hr 20 after the plane touched down. Not on a par with Hamburg (I’ve been home within 25¬†mins from touch-down there), but up there.

The week ahead holds:

1. A bit of work work tomorrow (on the public holiday) but hopefully also a bit of gardening and housework and life-catching-up and reading and stuff

2. More proposal documents. I’m enjoying it but could do with no more of them for at least a month (I’ve got two more due in this month)

3. Not terrible weather apparently…



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